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Channeling the Power of Data to Achieve Your Procurement Goals

Peer Roundtable


| 1:00 pm

- 2:00 pm



Does your government aspire to make your procurement process more efficient? Are you struggling to meaningfully move the needle on strategic goals such as increasing spend with more diverse firms, improving the average number of responses to solicitations, or increasing staff compliance with core protocols and procedures?

Data provides a reflective mirror, revealing how well an organization is meeting its performance goals and provides a method to benchmark progression. Join us for a roundtable discussion that explores how to use data to run an efficient, effective, proactive, and strategic purchasing office.

In this roundtable, we discussed how to strategically use metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to diagnose bottlenecks and address challenges to improve outcomes throughout the procurement process. This roundtable also featured real examples from peer governments that successfully activated data to identify pain points and elevate systemic solutions in their procurement operations.