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Fresh Takes on IT Procurement



| 2:00 pm

- 3:00 pm


Is it possible that your jurisdiction’s approach to IT procurement – like the technology itself – needs a refresh? While IT spending continues to rise every year as governments prioritize cybersecurity, data governance, and infrastructure modernization, technology can also be one of the most difficult things for state and local governments to procure.

This training shared best practices around how to write requirements for tech projects that help vendors understand the problem you’re trying to solve rather than "solutioning,” how to connect with users and other stakeholders to understand the challenges they face, and how to collaborate with your IT department, procurement team, and the department procuring the technology to understand the goals and outcomes you have for the new technology. Through this problem-based approach to IT procurement, we discussed how to productively engage with the IT marketplace, tools for market research, and tips for expanding IT vendor diversity and competition. In addition, we covered current thinking about the best ways to “de-risk” large IT projects.