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Open Data: A Powerful Tool for Governments Looking to Transform Procurement



| 12:00 pm

- 1:00 pm


Posting procurement data publicly is a powerful tool for governments looking to transform their procurement processes. In this workshop we explored how the principles of the open data movement—which aims to make government data available to the public, free of charge, with no restrictions on use, and easy to access—applies to procurement data, including questions such as:

  • How opening your procurement data goes beyond simply posting upcoming contracting opportunities publicly on a vendor portal, and why you should consider making procurement forecasts, award details, contract information, and implementation plans public as well;
  • How to take the next step in your journey towards opening your procurement data, whether you’re just getting started or have already made some information public;
  • How to tackle internal resistance to sharing procurement information.

Opening your procurement data can have a real impact on efforts to make procurement more efficient, effective, equitable, transparent, and innovative. In this workshop we shared ideas to help you get started.

This event was especially designed for cities pursuing What Works Cities certification, and provided support in meeting the RDC7 criterion: "Your local government embeds opening and sharing data throughout the entire procurement process lifecycle in order to increase bid competitiveness and strengthen procurement transparency and accountability."