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Strategies to Effectively Manage Grantees Receiving Federal Funding

Peer Roundtable


| 2:00 pm

- 3:00 pm


Is your government contemplating how to best manage grantees and subrecipients receiving federal funding awarded by your jurisdiction?

Through legislation such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) and the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), the federal government is providing once-in-a-generation funding opportunities for state and local governments to make much-needed transformative and sustainable change.

Many governments have been using this funding to engage partners in the nonprofit sector to implement programs and are conducting outreach to firms new to government contracting. However, these organizations and firms often have limited experience working with government and navigating regulatory frameworks, procurement rules, and reporting requirements.

In this roundtable, we shared tips to help state and local governments manage the performance of nonprofit grantees, including:

  • Discussing common challenges related to managing contracts and grant agreements with nonprofits.
  • Sharing how to identify barriers to success that grantees face and how training and technical assistance can best address those barriers.
  • Reviewing best practices to monitor the activities of grantees to foster programmatic excellence and financial transparency.
  • Highlighting examples of governments implementing effective grant management practices.