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Crafting a Results-Driven Request for Proposals (RFP)

How-to Guide: Crafting a Results-Driven Request for Proposals (RFP)

The resources contained in this guidebook will help public sector organizations leverage procurement to improve the outcomes of government-funded programs and services, including by writing results-driven requests for proposals (RFPs) and by better managing the RFP development process.

Through the eight modules, department-level program managers, buyers, contract analysts, and other procurement and contracting professionals can walk through the RFP process step by step, from early planning through managing a contract. Each of the modules contains best practices for that specific topic area and examples from other jurisdictions as well as two interactive sub-sections: 1) discussion questions, which you will use as an internal brainstorming tool to generate consensus around the ideas your RFP will communicate, and 2) planning and drafting prompts, which will help you create the written content you will incorporate directly into your RFP draft.

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