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Invest in Our Planet: Green Procurement Strategies

Peer Roundtable


| 2:00 pm

- 3:00 pm


Much like the private sector, many governments have begun to integrate environmental, social, and governance considerations into all their functions, and procurement is no exception. In honor of Earth Day and its 2023 theme “Invest in Our Planet,” the Procurement Excellence Network hosted a roundtable on environmentally sustainable procurement strategies. We discussed best practices for setting up sustainable purchasing programs, developing green purchasing specification guidelines, creating environmental evaluation criteria, and more. Participants also heard from government colleagues and private sector experts about how they’ve implemented innovative new strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate climate risks, and improve resident wellbeing. Whether they were struggling to start incorporating sustainability goals into their work or implementing an advanced set of sustainability strategies years ago, attendees brought questions and insights to this Earth Day roundtable.